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Here's a wonderful letter, and a great comic from Tim Feser, a winner of the 2nd Annual Look-aLike contest!

Dear Nitrozac & Snaggy,

Thank you very much for all I the cool loot. When you told me I had won, I did the happy dance (please don't ask, it's embarrassing). When Snaggy e-mailed me about my shirt size and poster preference, I assumed it was an either/or proposition. When the delivery notice come in the mail, I rushed down to the postoffice ice to claim my package. I love the tshirt! The perfect size colour. As an added bonus, the glow-in-the-dark logo freaks out my cat. But that's a whole separate therapy session.

What's this? A note on the back of the envelope... "posters sent separately". Could it be? Nah, must be a note someone left for themselves as a reminder. Low and behold (when's the last time you were able to work that phrase into a conversation?) a week later another delivery notice comes in the mail. Did I order another parts catalogue? No, it's another package from Geek Culture! Not one, but two posters! Happy dances all around!

Okay, this requires more than a Hallmark thank you card. But what? Think, ponder, mull. AHA! A cartoon! Easier said than done, I now find out. It took me a couple of days to come up with a decent idea, a day to plan and sketch it out, and another day to ink it. I am not the speediest of artists. The lettering... hmm ... my handwriting is hard to decipher on the best of days. So, search on the web for cartooning tutorials and how-tos. Not that many out there, and they all assume you already know most of what you need. I managed to find somebody who mentioned that they scanned in the drawing, and then used Photoshop to add the lettering. Perfect! Now to find find a scanner.

To make a long story short (too late!), I scanned the drawing, added the text, and printed out the humble effort you now have in your hands. I have a new appreciation for what you go through everyday to produce Joy of Tech and AY2K.

Once again, thank you for the t-shirt, and the posters. Best wishes, and here's hoping you will someday have to change the title to "After Y3K".


Tim Feser

PS: A week later, I received another t-shirt from Doctor Dobbs Journal! This is really too much.

PPS: My offer still stands to be the voice of a prairie dog in the movie.

Tim's comic!

Thanks Tim!

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