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What would you use a Nasa crawler for?
I'd set up my rock band on it and tour the country ... are you sure it's not an easy listening band? 179 21%
I'd use it as a camera platform to film my worm races... hey, set up some lights and you could have night crawler races! 46 5%
I'd use it to deliver cheques, as in... "Oh yes, I paid my bill... the cheque is on the Nasa crawler"..., even better, offer to have the Nasa Crawler pick up their bills in the first place. 238 29%
I'd make my enemies drive it, then sit in the back seat and constantly say "Are we there yet?", ... you can't, that's been banned by the Geneva Convention on Human Rights. 357 43%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and construction.)

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