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What's the real reason Steve Jobs called the company "Apple"?
He's a big fan of Sir Isaac Newton, ... and had discovered Newton's lost logo research. 237 9%
Steve Jobs always wanted to be a Beatle, ... currently, he's working on a top secret project... the iYoko. 281 11%
It was a typo on the registration application. He actually intended to call the company Ape Co., ... an insanely ape idea. 110 4%
It stands for Aliens Probably Propagated Life on Earth, ... then they gave Woz schematics. 374 14%
He wanted the name to start with the letter A, so it would be ahead of IBM in the phone book, ... it was a great plan, but one foiled by Amiga. 1511 60%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the spirit of the garage.

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