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July 15, 2018

JoT #2530: Twitter's for nudists!

JoT thumb

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dong.

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Posted by Snaggy at 06:04 PM

July 11, 2018

The vicious cycle of Good Weather Guilt and Work Guilt.

JoT thumb

Good thing there's now Internet access at the beach!

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Posted by Snaggy at 11:26 AM

July 08, 2018

JoT #2529: Salesmen on the doorstep!

JoT thumb

Would you let them in?

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Posted by Snaggy at 02:01 PM

July 05, 2018

JoT #2528: Tesla-nocchio!

JoT thumb

He always wanted to be a real car company!

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Posted by Snaggy at 07:56 PM

July 03, 2018

JoT #2527: Gmail's suicidal

JoT thumb

And you thought you were bummed out by the news!

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Posted by Snaggy at 05:27 PM

July 01, 2018

JoT #2526: Gaming Disorder

JoT thumb

The WHO just did what?

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Posted by Snaggy at 08:17 PM

June 27, 2018

JoT #2525: Becoming self-aware.

JoT thumb

It's just emotion that's taken it over...

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Posted by Snaggy at 06:45 PM

June 24, 2018

JoT #2524: The Butterfly Effect.

JoT thumb

Apple's getting out of a sticky situation.

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Posted by Snaggy at 07:23 PM

June 20, 2018

JoT #2523: The real meaning of that Lock her up chant.

JoT thumb

Make humanity cringe again.

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Posted by Snaggy at 12:47 PM

June 17, 2018

JoT #2522: Tim Cook's Nightmare!

JoT thumb

O the humanity!

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Posted by Snaggy at 08:34 PM

June 13, 2018

JoT #2521: It's social media's fault!

JoT thumb

wasn't it supposed to help humanity?

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Posted by Snaggy at 05:43 PM

June 10, 2018

JoT #2520: Another Facebook privacy breach!

JoT thumb

and the ramifications are swift!

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Posted by Snaggy at 08:08 PM

June 07, 2018

JoT #2519: iOS 12 protest!

JoT thumb

Not everyone is happy with privacy controls!

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Posted by Snaggy at 04:18 PM

June 03, 2018

JoT #2518: Dark Mode!

JoT thumb

Easier on the eyes?

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Posted by Snaggy at 12:00 PM

May 30, 2018

JoT #2517: Alien Ultimatum

JoT thumb

Stop Earthlings, stop!

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Posted by Snaggy at 08:44 PM

May 27, 2018

JoT #2516: So, Solo?

JoT thumb

Solo or no?

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Posted by Snaggy at 06:03 PM

May 24, 2018

JoT #2515: Animal translator!

JoT thumb

What's kitty saying?

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Posted by Snaggy at 12:00 AM

May 20, 2018

JoT #2514: Deletefacebook fail?

JoT thumb

Any press is good press?

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Posted by Snaggy at 04:09 PM