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The Blurb Archives! (stories of ancient geeks)
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A Geek Girl on Freaks and Geeks:
Meryn Cadell reviews Freaks and Geeks (She's the one who wrote the infamous song "The Sweater", so she knows a thing or two about adolescence & geekiness!)

Read Meryn's review...
The question is finally answered...

New Apple/Swatch watch
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Nostradamus says...
And you were worried about Y2K...

Thanks Bones, for all the Memories...
Geek Pride Day was great! Geek Pride Festival!
is coming up!
1st annual Refund Day celebrated
The geeks are out there, and they want they're money back!
Don't worry, Mars is happy! :-)
And so are the geeks at NASA!
Russian cosmonauts bouncing sunlight to Earth
Attempt fails, the future's a little bit darker.
Arthur C. Clarke
"You're all wrong... 2000 is NOT THE MILLENNIUM!"
Internet Addicts – they’re out there!
It’s been scientifically tested and proven–people can get addicted to the net. Watch out Jerry Springer.

Spawn a Sports Geek!
The man who pays $3 million for a baseball comes out of the geeky closet!
Couch-Potato loves Mouse Potato?
In a hybridizing experiment called WebTV, the 'tube mates with the 'net.
New yummy iMacs!
Five new colors... same great taste!
“They killed the Paper-clip!”
Microsoft product developers gleefully murder the beloved paper clip assistant.

Rats in Uganda have an Anti-Technology Agenda.
Uganda would not be unwise to consider there may be a conspiracy involving Rats and their need to destroy technology.
Canadian Military expecting the worst on January 01, 2000
The Canadian military is preparing for disaster.... Y2K style!
Computers of the Future
Predicitions of what computers will be like in the year 2002, (if everyone survives Y2K).

Don't you think he looks positively MAD?

Although (the Y2K problem) is a terrible distraction and there will be some disruption, there has been a little bit of a windfall for some participants in the IT industry," (The problem is) "below the middle of the panic (levels) some people have suggested."

-Bill Gates


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