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Grand Prize: A Pizza!
That's right folks! This prize sets a whole new standard in Ultimate Prizes! We've always wanted to offer such a magnificent prize, and this is the year we are going to do it! We will order you a large pizza and some soft drinks from your fave pizza joint, and have it delivered to you! As an added bonus, we will also order ourselves a pizza, and we'll eat it live on the webcam at the same time. Voila!... virtual pizza dinner with Nitrozac and Snaggy! Just think... if timed right, it could be your first pizza of the Real Millennium!!!

Feast your geeky eyes on the amazing prizes that CMP Media has put together!

5 Sys Admin comprehensive resource CDs 1992-1998 (version 4)

5 C/C++ Users Journal T-Shirts!

5 Dr. Dobb's Journal T-Shirts!

20 back issue copies assorted from (C/C++ Users Journal, Windows Developer's Journal, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Sys Admin), and a complimentary subscription for each of the magazines!!!!

Thanks Laurel and all at CMP!

The great geeks at MacAddict have offered 4 subscriptions to MacAddict magazine as well as some signed-by-Nitrozac copies of the December issue, which feature Nitro-Santa!
MacAddict is a great magazine for Mac fans. It's lots of fun to read, very informative (great reviews and how-tos), and gall darn it, it looks fabulous! Plus, it comes with a jam packed full of cool stuff CD-ROM, which usually features a delicious folder of Nitrozac and Snaggy goodies!

Thanks again to Droo and the gang over at MacAddict!

Here's the entries!
And here are the Winners!

We are also giving away some awesome Glow in the Dark t-shirts, First post t-shirts, After Y2K prints, a Alien Beanie, and yes, the obligatory Alien Head (!)

First Post t-shirt!

Alien Beanie Hat!

A life-sized Alien Head!

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